Hop Cast – Episode 163: Farmhouse Chicago

In episode 163 of the Hop Cast Ken Hunnemeder and Brad Chmielewski are at The Farmhouse for the Revolution Brewery tap takeover event. The Farmhouse focuses on local midwest beers so the idea of a local brewery tap takeover is perfect. Robert Diaz joins the Hop Cast to talk about what The Farmhouse has been doing and what they have in store for the future. Along with live music and great eats, it makes for a fun event that you wouldn’t see anywhere else. The Farmhouse plans to do a tap takeover event every month with different local breweries so make sure to check one out in the future.

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Hop Cast – Episode 162: Hair Of The Dog Doggie Claws

In episode 162 of the Hop Cast Brad Chmielewski and Ken Hunnemeder dig deep into Brad’s cellar and pull out 10 years of Doggie Claws from Hair Of The Dog. This 11.5 % ABV Barleywine was first first brewed by the Portland brewery, Hair of the Dog in 2001. Brad didn’t have a bottle of that very first years Doggie Claws but the ten years start at 2002 and move up to the most current release from this past holiday. It was great to see how this beer changed over time and to speculate on how the recipe might have been adjusted from year to year. If you’re hiding any bottles in your cellar for that special occasion, you’ll see that we didn’t come across any major issues with any of the years which was pretty surprising and amazing for such a big vertical.

Hope you enjoy this very special episode and thanks for watching the Hop Cast.

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Beer Of The Month – January

There is no sense in not starting off 2012 big. So lets kick off the beer of the month series for 2012 with Surly Brewing’s 9.0 % ABV Double IPA. Sadly we can’t get Surly Brewing cans here in Chicago but that doesn’t stop us from finding them in other people’s refrigerators. Surly Brewing’s Abrasive Ale used to be called 16 Grit, it was renamed and put into those nicely designed cans. You know here at the Hop Cast we love can beers and the Abrasive Ale is fantastic.

If you pour it into a pint glass you’ll be greeted with a hazy amber color liquid and a dense creamy white head. Isn’t that lacing beautiful? That aroma of fresh citrus should hit you as soon as you’ve begun to pour it out. Grapefruit, lemon, tropical fruits all balanced out with a hint of caramel malts. If only all beers smelled this fresh. The flavor is soft, smooth and fresh. Those sweet malts come in to add a nice balance before the bitter finish. This is a fantastic Double IPA and rivals some of those delicious treats we in Chicago usually get from Three Floyds.

Knowing we can’t get fresh cans whenever we want makes you sad when that last can is gone. Get yourself some Abrasive Ale and enjoy it fresh and be glad you were able to have it because many folks out there haven’t had the joy of experiencing Surly Brewing Company.

Hop Cast – Episode 161: Biere Au Nougat & Mikkeller Hoppy Lovin’ Christmas

In this holiday episode Ken Hunnemeder and Brad Chmielewski have cozied up in front of the fire for a couple of tasty beers. The first beer they crack open in episode 161 is the Biere Au Nougat from Brasserie Bourganel. Biere Au Nougat lives up to its name in that you’re not going to miss the nougat. This beer is unusual and outside of the holidays might not go over that well with a lot of people. But if you’re in front of the fire with this 5% ABV beer surrounded by smells of holiday cookies in the house then this beer might just work for you. Ken and Brad switch things up after the Biere Au Nougat and go with a highly hopped ale. The Mikkeller Hoppy Lovin’ Christmas. This 7.6% ABV beer wasn’t overly sweet or brutally bitter, has a nice balance. This beer seems to have nothing to do with Christmas besides the name and could easily be right at home with all those summer IPAs.

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