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Here is your chance to win a Hop Cast t-shirt and a great beverage to cellar away. What better way to show how much you love the Hop Cast then by wearing it on your chest. The shirt is from our Spreadshirt store. The winner can choose any t-shirt and size from the store and we will ship it to them.

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Congratulation to AJ! He is the lucky winner. Thank you everyone who entered!

Hop Cast – Episode 143: Ska Brewing’s Mexican Logger & ESB Special Ale

Brad Chmielewski and Ken Hunnemeder are hitting the canned beers again in episode 143. This time the two of them reach for a couple cans from Ska Brewing. The first one is the Mexican Logger, a 4.2 % ABV American Pale Lager. This is one of the newest beers from Ska to go out in the can and is a great addition to their line up. Brad and Ken follow up the Mexican Logger with the ESB Special Ale. This 5.7 % ABV Extra Special Bitter is a pretty common one to find. If your local bar is out of the Modus Hoperandi there is a good chance you’ll find some ESB cans ready to drink. Ska Brewing cans are great to keep on hand at home. If you pick up the variety packs there is a good chance you’ll have something on hand any beer drinker should enjoy.

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Untappd – Drink Socially

Check out this great explainer video that Hop Cast’s very own Brad Chmielewski put together for Untappd with John Filipkowski. For those of you that don’ know, Untappd is a way to socially share with your friends what beer you’re drinking and where you’re enjoying it. If you look closely you might notice a couple Hop Cast shout-outs and be sure to keep checking-in to those beers to earn the Hop Cast badge.

Client: Untappd
Production Company: LooseKeys
Producer: Brad Chmielewski
Copywriter: Brad Chmielewski & Maeve Price
Illustration & Design: Brad Chmielewski
Animation: John Filipkowski & Brad Chmielewski
Sound Design: Maeve Price
Voice Over: Michael Brang

Hop Cast – Special: Captain Lawrence Smoke From The Oak Blending

Ken Hunnemeder and Brad Chmielewski decide to experiment and blend the three Captain Lawrence Smoke from Oak beers they opened in episode 142. The wine barrel, the apple brandy and the rum barrel were blended all together to see what sort flavors stand out.

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Hop Cast – Episode 142: Captain Lawrence Smoke From The Oak

In episode 142 of the Hop Cast Brad Chmielewski and Ken Hunnemeder open up three Imperial Porters from Captain Lawrence. These three beers come from Hop Cast fan and friend Lee Williams, AKA Hoptopia. Brad and Ken had a hard time deciding which of the these smoke from oak beers to jump into first. But after a bit of a debate they decide to go wine barrel first and then the apple brandy and end it with the rum barrel. It was interesting to see how different these beers were just based on the barrels they were aged in. If you get a chance to check these out you should grab one but at 12.00% ABV we’d recommend you share with several friend

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Beer Of The Month – July

Pretty sure the Hop Cast crew is in love with summer. So far this summer has been filled with lots of bikes, beers, baseball and boats. Just being outside, hanging in someones backyard can bring a smile to your face. It sure beats those rough winter months here in Chicago where all you want to do is well, nothing. Most of the time we just grab a big stout from the cellar and hide in bed. During the summer, the adventure can last all day and night. That’s why for the July beer of the month we have picked Victory Brewing’s Summer Love. This 5.2% American Blonde Ale is excellent when you’re looking for something to help beat the heat. Hopefully you’re drinking outside in the backyard because the aroma of citrus and grassy hops should pair perfectly with that environment. There is a wonderful floral hop aroma that balances the whole thing out. Once you finally taste this beer, it’s hard to not enjoy yourself. It’s light, crisp and fruity and those hops add a slight tingle to your mouth. A bit more complex then your average blonde ale which makes you want to take another sip to see what you might of missed. Even if blonde ales aren’t something you usually enjoy, give this one a try on a hot day and at just under $10 for a six pack it won’t pinch the wallet either.

Hop Cast – Episode 141: 3 Floyds Alpha Klaus & Struise / Mikkeller

In this episode of the Hop CastKen Hunnemeder and Brad Chmielewski decide to dig deep into Brad’s cellar and find a couple beers that likely should have been consumed a long time ago. Many craft beer fans with a cellar have run into this issue where a beer somehow got over looked in their cellar and missed it’s prime drinking time. Ken and Brad are calling this a #CellarFail. When cellaring beers sometimes you really never know what is going to happen with some beers and they can end up tasting bad if left too long or actually pretty good. The first beer they tried was the 2008 3 Floyds Alpha Klaus. This 6.0 % ABV Christmas Porter is always very hop forward and although all the hops were gone it still tasted rather good. It’s very likely the large amount of hops really helped preserve this beer. The second beer they open up is another one that was heavily hopped. It’s the double IPA Struise and Mikkeller collaboration. Not really sure how this one even got put into the cellar since it was a double IPA. This 9 % ABV beer also lost most of that hop flavor the Hop Cast loves but still was very enjoyable.

Why not dive into the dark corners of your cellar and see what #CellarFail or #CellarWin might be waiting for you. Thanks for watching the Hop Cast!

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